Scientific Figures

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidis's sympthoms, causes and diagnostics explained side by side.

Cover Illustration

ChemSusChem Cover - Liquid washing the battery and leaves coming out of it

Data Visualization/Infographics

Scientific Dissemination

Collaborative Process

When collaborating with me you will start your journey to bring better visuals to your audience and to help increase the understandability of your scientific findings. Together, we can create visuals that really bring your research to life! Here is the process I use to develop a scientific figure:

1. Scope of the project: Together, we will understand your goals, the tone of the figure, the key messages, the audience, the media where it will be published, and the project deadline.

2. Content Research: At this stage, I look through the materials will you send me and I will research further the topic. As I have a science background I am used to integrate the information quickly and to ensure that the final figure accurately communicates the message.

3. Concept Sketch: Here I will work on the overview and structure of the figure (composition). At this stage, I will ask for your feedback to ensure that the key messages are highlighted and that the information is relevant and accurate. The final composition will be settled at this stage.

4. Tight Sketch: More details such as illustrations, typography, and color palette will be added to the design at this stage. Again, I will ask for your feedback to guarantee the accuracy of the visuals and the look-and-feel you want to transmit through your visuals.
5. Final Figure: I will send you the final figure to ensure that everything aligns with the established goals and that everything is precise. If everything is in order, I will send you the agreed-upon files so that you can use the figure on your preferred media.
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