Science Dissemination

Species Conservation Awareness

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator
TOPICS: Scientific Illustration; Graphic Design; Species Conservation; Children; Biodiversity; Gecko; Extinction


This project was the final assignment for a course on Science Dissemination for Children and it had a collaboration with WAWA Conservation. The goal was to build and design a storyline to raise awareness of endangered species conservation. The final design was intended to publish on Instagram for a young audience (from 12 years old). Below, you can also see part of my process that went through firstly from a research step to find out the main characteristics and interesting points to build a story, then a storyboard was created with the main points, and later the text of the story was added and finally add the illustrations and refine it. The colour palette was semi-chosen by the client and I applied it on the background and some small elements such as the titles, icons, eyes of the gecko and some leaves, and then I added the natural colours of the species, plants and cork tree. The title typography was chosen to resemble the forest.


© Maria Carlos Oliveira, 2022

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