Journal Cover

Battery Recycling

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator
TOPICS: Scientific Illustration; Graphic Design; Lithium Batteries; Sustainable Innovations

TIME: 4 weeks

The project aimed to show through a journal cover the potential of emergent solvents to recycle batteries of Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) towards a “greener” option. All the process involved a collaboration with the clients, Henrique and Cristina, towards an illustration that could represent well their research. Below you can find how it worked step-by-step.

© Maria Carlos Oliveira, 2023

The project started with a meeting with the clients to understand what was the project about, their ideas and key messages. This meeting is extremely important for me to understand the needs of clients and to create a personable creative brief and budget. It is also at this meeting that I doodle and write what could be important words. You can see in the figure how enigmatic my first doodles can be but they are important for me to understand the topic. 

After the approval of the budget, I started to research the topic a little more and brainstorm ideas for the cover. I sketched the ideas firstly on paper and later I created the concept sketches to send to the client. From here, the client gave feedback and we settle on a concept to go on. In this case, it was the “Shower” approach but in a slightly different perspective to clearly show that it was a battery.

After the concept is chosen, it is time to improve the sketch, add colours and get the right style. In this case, I wanted to be coherent with the journal background so I kept it black. This also allowed me to highlight the other elements, such as the solvents, battery and leaves. At this stage, it is also important to be sure with the client that there are no scientific mistakes (e.g. the chemical structure).

For the final design stage, I applied the feedback from the client, such as highlighting the chemicals on the solvent and on the leaves. It is also here that I take care of the smallest details like shadows and highlights. I send it to the client, correct some small details and finally deliver the previously discussed file types and sizes.

Liquid washing the battery and leaves coming out of it

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