Hi, I'm Maria

I help bring complex scientific findings
into clear and approachable visuals.


Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidis's sympthoms, causes and diagnostics explained side by side.
Thyroid Dysfunctions Summary

Audience: Specialist; Clinical Patients

Battery Elements

Audience: Specialist

Biomechanics Methods

Audience: Specialist

Ocean Pollution Flyer

Audience: Non-Specialist

Species Conservation Post

Audience: Non-Specialist; Children

3 Levels Explanations

Audience: Non-Specialist

It is only when everyone understands a topic that new ideas can arise and innovation can flourish.


Biochemist turned Scientific Designer

I’m Maria, a Portuguese girl from the mountains who like to learn about the world visuallyMy time was always divided between science and design where I both learned the scientific method and research but also to communicate visually in a better way. Now I combine the two to communicate science and information effectively.

Let's collaborate?

Whether you already have a project in mind, or you are just curious about
visual science communication, we can talk through your questions.

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